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BMT’s Staff augmentation solutions allows your company to reap the benefits of our on-staff experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring, training and maintaining your own IT personnel. And for companies with their own IT staff, ISI consultants can augment existing skill sets on a wide variety of applications. Our highly trained, certified staff can help your company meet both its short and long-term technology goals. Our consultants can step in at any stage of your project, offering their experience and expertise either on-site or from a remote location. Our primary goal is to meet your IT needs, cost effectively and efficiently.

BMT is dedicated to providing outstanding professional and support contract staffing services to global clients. Our consultants possess cross-platform skills and knowledge to execute any and all phases of system development including life cycle analysis, design, implementation, program development, system testing, user training and support services. Our expertise covers a broad range of languages, databases, operating systems, hardware, networking and emerging technologies and more.

Our IT staff offers numerous advantages for your business, including up-to-date, continual training, certification, knowledge and experience. Our consultants have the background and on-the-job experience to understand your business environment, adding the right technical skills to the mix for the duration of your project.

BMT’s Staff Augmentation Solutions offers you:

• Consultants and technicians carefully matched to your IT needs
• Substantial savings from not paying benefits, salaries and training costs
• Certified and knowledgeable personnel just when you need them, eliminating potential downtime as you search for qualified employees

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